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WHO let the dogs out?

Made In China

Remember the day of this whole affray before we were free to roam?

When we could walk outside without feeling confined to the comfort of our own home,

Without the fear of getting too near to others out on a daily stroll,

When economists were ignored and we learned to hoard, caring more about toilet roll?

A time without doubt when all we worried about were online deliveries and how to lose weight,

When schools weren't yet shut and students were clear cut about whether they would graduate,

When we had to be told to look after the old and smiling wasn't yet back in style?

Completing daily tasks without the need for face masks whilst making jokes about how to stockpile?

When we realised our need for luxury and greed don't give our lives meaning or shape

An overwhelming sense of awe at our teachers, nurses and more as we realised not every hero wears a cape?

With every house filled in we thought of the children who rely on school meals to eat,

All the victims of violence who are living in silence as paranoia emptied our streets

Small businesses shut down but they learned not to frown

as they grasped hold of this chance

To come up with new ideas to further their careers

Because we can rise above circumstance

To the shops we all hurried and together we worried

About the great storm we would have to weather

Parents concerned about what children would learn

But they only remember the time we were together

We discussed politics and binge-watched Netflix

As we learned to be present and aware

We couldn't believe our own eyes and people took up exercise,

did yoga and practised hashtag self care

We were transported by books, cared less about our looks and discovered new ways to make bread

We saw homelessness decrease and the country at peace as everyone had a roof and a bed

We merely glimpsed the life of fear and strife to which we are blissfully blind

But which happens everyday for people who can't get away from the bombs of humankind

And people promised not to take for granted the world we had planted as we were forced back to our foundation

Our earth had been decimated by damage we created but here was a chance for rejuvenation

We learned how to be giving in this new way of living, coming to be thankful for this opportunity

And we passed life's test doing what humans do best: We stayed at home and became a community

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